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Dear EJC sales team.
It is my pleasure and gratitude to acknowledge receiving of a Mitsubishi Canter stock number AB530QUJ9 I bought....
from Zambia
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Customers voice
from Zambia Date:24th Dec '09
Dear Izawa /EJC
I write to inform you that the above hechile was received Toyota Progress in a satisfactory condition and has since arrived in Zambia having had been drive in from Beit Bridge by myself. I therefore express gratitude to you all for your various roles played and in ensuring the vehicle arrived at destination as ordered. I sure look forward to doing business with you in future.

Regards and merry xmas and happy new year.

Albert Kayeyi
Foreign Affairs, Lusaka, Zambia
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Toyota Used vehicles Specialist for Zambia is located in Aichi in Japan,which is also the Toyota Head quoter of TOYOTA MOTORS , the main Toyota plant is situated only 30kms away from our City. In this unique locations , We have the large connection of Local Toyota dealers and sourcing high quality Toyota Used cars quicker and cheaper than other car dealers. That is makes us such Leading Toyota vehicles exporter.
Port clearance and deliver up to Nakonde boarder of Zambia
> From Dar-es saalam.
The price quoted CIF up to Dar-es saalam is including the delivery cost , Insurance , Vehicle cost, Jevic inspection. As soon as the vehicle arrived in Dar-es saalam, You can collect the vehicle by yourself or ask someone to collect on your behalf. There are 2 ways for the collection and delivery up to Zambia.
  1. Pick the vehicle by yourself and drive back home.
    If you wish to pick the vehicle at the port in Dar-es saalam, You can go to Dar-es saalam with all necessary documents we sent , and clear the vehicle from the port and drive back to home. Our shipping team will inform you expected arrival date in advance so you can know the arrival date before you leave in Zambia. All what you have to do is to contact the shipping agents where you can find their contact details from Bill of lading or by our shipping team , and get the more information how you can collect the vehicle from the port and self-drive back to Zambia. Port clearance charges is paid at the port . If you hired the man by yourself, this is same way as you can give him the documents to collect the vehicle on your behalf.
  2. The port clearing and delivery service by local C&F agent.
    C&F agent is Custom clearing & Forwarding company. They can clear the vehicle from the port on your behalf and arrange the delivery by their drive to Nakonde boarder. So ,You can receive the vehicle at Nakonde Boarder. The port clearing and local delivery service may cost about USD550-650 per saloon. The driver's cost , Fuel .. all inclusive. For more infomation, Please contact the following C&F agents.
    Kilimanjaro Cargo Service Co .,LTD
    kilimanjarocargo@yahoo.comDAR ES SALAAM
    Euro Services Ltd
    info@eurotz.netDAR ES SALAAM
The Procedure -
What to do for buying to Zambia

  1. Choose the vehicle from the list and make an order Select country & Port on the list. hen, you can fill in the order form. The Proforma invoice will be issued on time.
  2. Receive the Proforma invoice for arrange the payment The payment can be made by Bank transfer . You can bring our Proforma invoice to your bank for the money transfer into our bank account
  3. Full inspection & Maintenance. Take the JEVIC inspection. After receipt of your payment , We may maintain the vehicle fully at our work shop for the suppling High quality cars.
  4. Start shipping delivery up to Dar-es saalam We arrange the delivery by using Ro-Ro vessel up to Dar-es saalam. It may takes about 4weeks from Japan
  5. Sending all necessary documents to you by DHL Once the vessel is departed, we will send Bill of lading and Invoice, Jevic certificate to you or your Clearing agent in Dar-es saalam
  6. Arrival in Dar-es saalam and local delivery up to Nakonde boarder of Zambia Once the vehicle arrived, You can pick the vehicle by yourself for self-driving to Nakonde boarder or The clearing agent will pick the vehicle from the port and arrange the local delivery up to Nakonde boarder.
  7. Custom clearance at the boarder in Zambia you can clear the vehicle from custom and register the vehicle.
  8. Enjoy driving !!

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