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We are Japanese vehicles dealer for selling Quality vehicles for all around the world. You can buy Toyota Quality cars atA lowest prices today.
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Dear EJC
I received my vehicle Corolla in superb condition.Let me take this opportunity to thank you for excellent ....
from Yap
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Customers voice
from Samoa Date:24th Feb '10
Dear Mr Izawa

Greetings to you Sir from the tropic of Samoa.
Sir I just want to extend my very sincere thanks and appreciation to your goodself and the EJC company for being so genuine with me. I finally recieved my Mitsubishi Chariot and I tell you that my dad was so happy to see it.
Now Sanita Tuufuli is in copy, for her information that I as a firm witness that EJC is a very reliable company and highly recommend her buying from EJC.
Once again Mr Izawa, thank you very much. I love my Chariot. Looking forward to doing more bussiness with you !


Apaia, Samoa
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High Quality Cars Specialist for exporting to Samoa is located in Aichi in Japan,which is also the Toyota Head quoter of TOYOTA MOTORS , the main Toyota plant is situated only 30kms away from our City. In this unique locations , We have the large connection of Local Toyota dealers and sourcing high quality Toyota Used cars quicker and cheaper than other car dealers. That is makes us such Leading Toyota vehicles exporter for Samoa.
Import Used vehicles into Samoa is just began !!
Direct importing used Japanese cars are becoming popular for Pacific islands. As everybody knows that Japan is one of major manufactures of Automotive such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda.. and used cars are being exporting to oversea countries in past 30years now. The society in Japan, People changes their vehicles in short period such as every 5 to 7years because of the road worthy test which is called Shaken is needed every 2 years which may cost for each vehicles, and it becomes the timing to resell the vehicle before spending this shaken costs to buy the newest brand new car. Also, the price of brand new vehicles are cheaper by the competition of the different manufactures makes the price of vehicles to be sold in Japan. As you may imagine such small island in Japan, Most of used vehicles are still very good in condition, And lower mileage on its history. No matter how good the vehicle or even lower mileage, Used vehicles are trading in cheaper prices.
Money Transfer is very simple as easy from Samoa.
There are some international banking systems in Samoa. You can visit your nearlest Banks.
  • National Bank of Samoa.
  • ANZ Bank (Samoa) Ltd
  • the Bank of Samoa
  • the Pacific Commercial Bank
The Procedure -
What to do for buying to Samoa

  1. Choose the vehicle from the list and make an order Select country & Port on the list. hen, you can fill in the order form. The Proforma invoice will be issued on time.
  2. Receive the Proforma invoice for arrange the payment The payment can be made by Bank transfer. You can bring the Proforma invoice to your bank for the money transfer into our bank account
  3. Full inspection & Maintenance will be done at our Garage before the shipment. After receipt of your payment , We may maintain the vehicle fully at our work shop for the suppling High quality cars.
  4. Start shipping delivery up to APIA port. We arrange the delivery by using Ro-Ro vessel up to Apia. It may takes about 2-3weeks from Japan
  5. Sending all necessary documents to you by DHL Once the vessel is departed, we will send Bill of lading and Invoice to you.
  6. Arrival in APIA port Once the vehicle arrived, You can pick the vehicle by yourself
  7. Enjoy driving !!

Buy Quality Japancar at cheap prices. The best used vehicle for you from Japan.

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