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We are Japan Cars dealer for selling Quality vehicles for all around the world. You can pick all kind of used cars, and Get it at lowest prices today.
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Port of Delivery for Zimbabwe
I write this email to confirm that I finally received my vehicle Mazda Titan in the name of......
from Zimbabwe
Hi Ari
this is Martin again i am interested in doing more business with you but first let me say thanks for .....
from Zimbabwe
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from Zimbabwe Date:17th Dec '09
Hie EJC- Mr Toru

Hope urfine?
My car WA681A7N1 Toyota Ipsum arrived safely in Zimbabwe and the customs thought it was new as it was in immaculate condition. I have recommended some friends of mine to use your services because you are so good and highly dependable and i will be making my next order shortly.
Keep up the excellent work.

Yours kindly

Judith Blankson.
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Port clearance and deliver up to Beitbrige boarder
From Durban
The price we have quoted CIF up to Durban or Maputo is covering all necessary charges up to the port. As you may have known that the self-drive delivery for transit vehicles from Durban to neighboring countries are not allowed by the law of South Africa. Therefore, Your purchased vehicle has to be carried by the Car carrier truck to deliver up to Beitbrige broader. In Durban, there are some Clearing & Forwarding agents who are under licensed company , They can handle the port clearing and the local delivery up to Beitbrige boarder.

The port clearing cost and the delivery of the vehicles are depending on the size of vehicles. Also, The delivery charges are bit different from each C&F agents. We recommend the following C&F agent for the port clearing and local delivery

TEL : +27-31-3053247 / FAX : +27-31-3053250
Att: Kuben Phillay

From Maputo
If you wish to use Maputo , You can collect from the port and drive back to Zimbabwe .
The Procedure -
What to do for buying to Zimbabwe

  1. Choose the vehicle from the list and make an order Select country & Port on the list. hen, you can fill in the order form. The Proforma invoice will be issued on time.
  2. Receive the Proforma invoice for arrange the payment The payment can be made by Bank transfer . You can bring our Proforma invoice to your bank for the money transfer into our bank account
  3. Full inspection & Maintenance. After receipt of your payment , We may maintain the vehicle fully at our work shop for the suppling High quality cars.
  4. Start shipping delivery up to Durban We arrange the delivery by using Ro-Ro vessel up to Durban. It may takes about 4weeks from Japan
  5. Sending all necessary documents to you by DHL Once the vessel is departed, we will send Bill of lading and Invoice to you or your Clearing agent in Durban
  6. Arrival in Durban and local delivery up to Beitbrige boarder Once the vehicle arrived, The clearing agent will pick the vehicle from the port and arrange the local delivery up to Beitbrige boarder .
  7. Collect your vehicle at Beitbrige for custom clearance you can clear the vehicle from custom in Zimbabwe
  8. Enjoy driving !!

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