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All the vehicles we sell are fully certified by Japanese transport ministry. The mileage shown on the list are exact mileage ( rounded up based on exact figures ) on each vehicles inspected by authorized party such as Auto auctions, Authority's database.
The export certificate issued by Japanese government must have the last mileage record on the vehicle every 2 years . The Export certificate has been showing Two mileage history last 4 years. So , The actual mileage must be higher than that record all the time. All our vehicles undergo such mileage test ,and prove as the Genuine mileage. The Export Certificate is sent with the shipping document to you as the proof of the mileage record on your each orders.
export certificate issued by Japanese government
Some of company hide the export certificate as it has the mileage history and never show them to the customer. Also, the company who are offering lower mileage vehicles for all of them, Please be careful. You can ask the supplier to show the Export certificate for certify the mileage is genuine !
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